How to write Color text on Facebook

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Whenever you post any standing update on your Facebook Wall, Facebook teams, Fanpages, you mostly realize the colour of standing update is ‘black’ and there’s not the other choice to customise them.

 I am Sunny Mark and nowadays I am Sharing This nice Trick On How to write Color text on Facebook however could positive This Works solely on Facebook App it does not work on Browser E.g OPERA mini or UC BROWSER Hope thats Clear Lets begin..

Step 1

Go to your Facebook Account and creat a replacement post

Step 2

Write  code before writing your post

Step 3

Now Write your (Text) post and click on on  done

Step 4

Click on post and see magic

 Sunny Tech

Remove “+” from each wherever

List of Colour code with colour name:- 

 <+fg=b0ffd700> golden

<+fg=b0000000> black
<+fg=b0ff7f00> orange
<+fg=b0ffff00> yellow
<+fg=b0ba55d3> light purple
<+fg=b0f000f0> majenta
<+fg=b00000ff> blue
<+fg=b0b08080> steel grey
<+fg=b0000080> movve
<+fg=b0964b00> light brown
<+fg=f0f00f0f> red
<+fg=b000ff00> green
<+fg=b0ff00ff> light pink
<+fg=b0ff007f> dark pink
<+fg=b0ff0000> redish pink
<+fg=b0800000> brown
<+fg=b0ffc0cb> light purple
<+fg=b06f00ff> dark blue
<+fg=b0c0c0c0> grey
<+fg=80ffffff> sky blue
<+fg=b000ffff> light blue
<+fg=b0bf00ff> purple
<+fg=b08f00ff> dark purple
<+fg=b0808000> mehandi green

“fg” for Font color and “bg” for Background color

<+b> may be used to Bold the font

<+bg=bb00ff00><+b><+fg=bbff0000> Technical Hero

 Technical Hero

Before exploitation each code …remove ”+” from each wherever

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